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Air Freight

As the reliable services provider, Empire Link Service Sdn. Bhd. handles all Air Freight shipment in the most professional way and expeditious means possible. Through our network of agent, we coordinate Air Freight shipment that meet your expectations in terms of safety, time, cost effectiveness and all in one services. Our selected air carriers will fulfill your service requirement to fit your Air Freight needs for import and export.

Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight, cargoes often spend much more time in the ocean. It is important to take into consideration the accessibility to your cargo information and cost-effectiveness.

Empire Link Service Sdn. Bhd. has a variety of choices for your valued shipments and we offer a comprehensive import and export programe that gives your purchasing and procurement department total control of your orders.

Transport Service

For transporting goods from Malaysia, whether West Coast or East Coast, we provide prompt trucking services. To meet your import and export needs between our neighbouring countries, we also provide trucking services border-to-border within Singapore and Thailand.

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